Golden Technologies is proud to offer the next generation of Companion scooters — the most advanced scooters available today! These three models have more standard features than any other scooter: a Delta tiller for comfortable hand placement; a bright, adjustable LED headlight conveniently placed at the bottom of the tiller to illuminate your path on the darkest of evenings; and an easy-to-understand, under-the-carpet troubleshooting guide.

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Companion GC240

The Companion GC240 scooter will take you the places you’ve had trouble...getting to. Ideal for trips to the mall, dining out or an afternoon at the park, this midsize scooter provides great style with high performance and easy disassembly. Features include an adjustable LED headlight; an ergono...

Companion GC340

The Companion GC340 scooter offers more legroom and foot room with a wider...front deck and a stylish new design. New features include easy disassembly; an adjustable LED headlight; an ergonomic control panel design with a backlit battery gauge display; a wraparound Delta tiller for easy steering; and...

Companion GC440

The Companion GC440 four-wheel scooter offers the most legroom and in its class with a modern, rugged design. With 10-inch tires on the front and rear, it cruises the outdoors and takes obstacles in stride. Features include easy disassembly; an adjustable LED headlight; an ergonomic contro...